Hope you all had a great week, let’s get our Black Friday Sale Started!

Thank you so much for being patient with us while we continue to work on our main site and restock our warehouse, we are happy to announce we are back on top of things and ready to go. Your loyalty is very much appreciated and packages going out will have some extras in them to show our appreciation.

55% Off All Flower!

Use Coupon Code: BlackFriday55

Don’t forget to select “Free Shipping” in the shipping options menu at checkout for orders $220+

We will be running a contest for a free ounce this week!
Any Order Over $220 is Automatically Entered

New & Notable

Bentley Hash is BACK!

Original Bentley Hash – On sale for $175/ounce

Blueberry Bentley Hash – On sale for $175/ounce

Sundae Driver x Papaya

MK Ultra

West Coast Cali Vape Pens 1g

New strain alert
Jealousy – Ounces only due to a limited release – $125 / ounce

New strain alert
MACFlurry – Ounces only due to a limited release – $125 / ounce